For foodies!
Excellent taste and aroma, multiple flavour varieties. An excellent choice for sandwiches and any barbecue feasts.

Meat Jelly

Our pride.
Tasty snacks for younger foodies who are just getting to know their flavours, as well as those who can remember them perfectly. Light, tasty and gluten-free.


Tripe is undoubtedly one of our favourite dishes. It has been known for centuries and is served in many regions of Europe. We can find it in German, Italian, French, Austrian or Czech cuisine. It is also enjoyed in the south of Europe. In Poland, its popularity is closely linked to the tradition of festive dinners and many other special events. All countries have one thing in common – tripe is a treat at our traditional everyday meetings.
In each region, it is made in a completely different way. There are as many different regions as many different recipes and ways of seasoning. One thing is certain – they are all delicious.