Extra Looong EN

“Looong” grilled cheese
margherita baguette
Weight: 260 g
Code number: 5 907 749 201 468

Pizza baguette is simple and yet extremely tasty. The key to success is the freshly baked wheat roll that forms the base.
“Looong” grilled cheese margherita baguette is an ideal proposal for creating a unique composition – freely combine various ingredients, depending on what you feel like eating. It is a cool idea for a unique taste, which will become the highlight of every party.
The common feature of all products in this line is – Extra Mozzarella cheese, crispy bun and of course, Extra size – 37 cm. It all translates into Extra Looong Energy for all those who don’t want to waste time, but need a quick and big energy boost. It’s a taste reminiscent of childhood.

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