It is a great honour for us, as our company has received this special award for the sixth time now. This is especially important to us, as it serves to prove the excellent reputation and condition of our company, as well as its continuous and dynamic development. The reliability of the ranking is also evidenced by the fact that being included in it is completely free of charge and the only criterion for this are the company’s financial results, and not the decisions of a jury of any kind. In order to receive this title, the company must steadily increase its turnover and make a profit for three years in a row. It is also one of the oldest and most popular such rankings and it includes the fastest-developing small and medium enterprises. In Poland, this ranking is prepared by the “Puls Biznesu” daily. Similar rankings are also available for Sweden, Denmark, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Slovenia.

International Featured Standard (IFS) – international food safety standard (accepted throughout Western Europe – except for the United Kingdom). Implementing the IFS standard requires having a well-functioning HACCP system and documenting the origin of any raw materials used for production, as well as defining any possible hazards and developing methods for preventing them. IFS Certification.